1st Year Course Description

5 Life-Changing Modules

  • Module 1 has two major focuses; 1) our identity, knowing who we are in Christ, and 2) hearing from God, dialing in our prophetic gifts. This module addresses the chronic low self-esteem that plagues many Christians and provides a platform for the student to grow in character and gifting - the two legs on which ministries stand.

  • Module 2 is about being restored back to our original design. Our ministries are usually not undermined by a lack of gifting but by the broken parts of our character that have not been healed. The student is taken on a journey into knowing God more intimately. As they step into new revelation; healing the inner person through encounters with God, they begin to see themselves the way God sees them, made in His image.

  • Module 3 focuses on authority, faith, confidence and healing: physical, emotional and spiritual. As the student learns about his/her authority, they are empowered to do the things Jesus did!

  • Module 4 explores various models of healing prayer: prayer-line ministry, healing ministry from the platform and advanced techniques that will help you to see more people healed! Module 4 also teaches assertiveness and conflict resolution.

  • Module 5 takes all that you have learned in the four previous modules and combines them with encounter-based evangelism. Ninety percent of what Jesus did was done outside the walls of the synagogue. To really do what Jesus did we need to be out in the streets. This Module teaches you creative Out-Of-The-Box Evangelistic Tool ministry tools such as Biblical Dream Interpretation, Tattoo Interpretation and more. It also teaches you to recognize the presence of angels and how to partner with them in ministry!

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2nd Year Course Description

5 Life-Changing Modules

  • Module 6 teaches the student how to more completely encounter God’s presence in their life and ministry. It revisits some core ministry tools and prayer models and introduces advanced inner healing prayer models.

  • Module 7 continues training in advanced inner healing prayer modules and begins to introduce the importance of character in ministry.

  • Module 8 focuses on advanced physical healing, inner healing and deliverance prayer models in addition to teaching ministering prayer line ministry.

  • Module 9 focuses on advanced ministry techniques like how to lead a ministry team on stage, leading an audience in activations and hearing prayer, leading a healing service and fundamentals for preparing a message.

  • Module 10 demonstrates encountering God’s presence and angelic partnerships in ministry settings. It also revisits the importance of character and boldness in ministry and prepares you to be a world changer!

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